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Mar 30, 2014 Before we get started There are dozens of Broadcom wireless cards and more seem to appear every day. The key to finding the correct driver .

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apt-cache policy broadcom-sta-source please file a bug following the b43 driver procedure below.

How to install WiFi driver for Broadcom BCM43142 in Debian and Debian-based distros like Ubuntu sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install broadcom-sta-dkms. The advantage of using a dkms driver is that you don’t need to manually update the driver everytime you upgrade your kernel.

  1. Note: See also Ubuntu WifiDocs on bcm43xx drivers. In Linux Mint 17 to install Broadcom wifi drivers OFFLINE: dont bother with mindless.

  2. In this article I will show you how to make your wireless connection work on Broadcam BCM4311 network interface card, on Ubuntu, Debian and Linux Mint Systems. To fix your wireless problem, this is what you have to do: Remove the default driver: $ sudo apt-get remove --purge bcmwl-kernel-source.

  3. Apr 23, 2017 This may be of some help if you have a Broadcom wireless chip in your laptop. Askubuntu page devoted to Broadcom wireless drivers.

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Drivers available in Ubuntu. The following is an overview of the different drivers that are available for Broadcom wireless devices. Broadcom STA Wireless driver (Proprietary) The propietary Broadcom STA Wireless driver is maintained upstream by Broadcom. As this driver is closed source, fixes in the driver itself may only be provided by Broadcom.

Jul 16, 2018 I just installed Ubuntu Mate 18.04 on a HDD partition and was performing impressively. The problem is now it has no any driver for wireless and .

Ubuntu Broadcom Wireless Driver Offline Install. Nov 11, 2015 • linux ubuntu by Kris Krause. You installed Ubuntu and the only access to the interweb is via Wifi .